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E Sojourner

US Site Director

We are crazy excited to start his new venture with Back2Back! We are so thankful that God has made it crystal clear that this Is where God wants me and he has opened my eyes to see his broken heart for the neglected children of the world.

As many of you know, our big family has been around the global for the past 10 years doing ministry and business. The past year and a half I had the privilege of serving in a operations and pastoral role in a church.

Now we are shifting our focus abroad. I am so excited about the vision Back2Back has to create sustainable care for children all around the world. I’ve seen firsthand that Back2back is shifting the culture, creating lasting kingdom change, and caring for neglected children in a way that will change them for eternity. Once we are at 100% support level, I will begin learning alongside a veteran Director, then I’ll be assigned a site. We would deeply appreciate your relational and financial partnership with us as we seek to bring Back2Back to more areas of the world.

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