• Donation FAQs

  • Do you have a preference for donations made via credit card or directly from my bank account? 

    Giving via credit card does incur a processing fee, so we would ask that you consider giving via direct debit, an option that uses your bank account in place of a credit card, in order to help us save on the cost of fees. You can give with this method by selecting “use a bank account (direct debit).” However, we do understand if your preferred method of giving is by using a credit card; you can give with this method by selecting “use a credit card or wallet.” 

    (Bonus: when giving via direct debit, you will not have to worry about updating your information due to an expiration date or a new card number!) 

  • How do I make sure that I am not charged twice? 

    We monitor the donations being set up in our new system on a daily basis and will stop recurring donations in our old system to prevent duplicate charges. 

  • I want my donation to occur on a different day of the month. Can I change that? 

    Yes! You can select the date of the month that you would like your donation to occur. 

  • I don’t quite understand how to set up my new giving. Can you help me? 

    We would be happy to take your information over the phone and set up your donation in the new system on your behalf. Please contact our Finance Department at (513) 972-4642. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. 

  • I would like to see my giving history for the year. How do I do that? 

    A new user portal has just been released. To access, visit our website (www.back2back.org) and click on “Donor Portal” in the upper right hand corner. You will be redirected to a login page. Use the email address associated with your Back2Back account to sign up. 

    Or, you can contact our Finance Department for your giving information by sending an email to finance@back2back.org. 

    Note: Year-end giving receipts for 2022 will be printed and mailed in January of 2023. 

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