Copywriter, US Office

Position: Marketing Copywriter
Location: Mason, Ohio
Status: Full-time
Reports to: Content Manager
Works closely with: Marketing Team

Position summary: Write authentic, persuasive, compelling, and inspiring content. Craft copy for the ministry’s website, email campaigns, social channels, print magazine, video content, and more. Work within a growing team of creative professionals in a fast-paced environment to make sure our communications are both on-brand and effective, bringing Back2Back’s mission to life through words so that together we can be a voice for orphaned and vulnerable children and call readers to a deepening connection with the ministry.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Write copy for all Back2Back materials such as marketing campaigns, emails, pitch decks, web pages, and video scripts.
  • Deliver excellent copy that aligns to our voice and inspires our audience.
  • Ideate, plan, and create content for large fundraising, awareness campaigns, and ministry events throughout the year.
  • Develop persuasive and creative headlines, email subject lines, and social media captions.
  • Become an expert in Back2Back’s voice and tone.
  • Help continue to evolve Back2Back’s voice, always representing the organization’s values.
  • Work under and help evolve the writing style guide for the organization, teaching Back2Back’s voice to the wider Back2Back team.
  • Edit marketing copy that is short, sharp, and to the point.
  • Act as a “second touch” for editing Back2Back content written by other staff, including grammar, use, and mechanics.
  • Assist as needed with organizational special events.
  • Develop and maintain a team of ministry partners that fully fund the position.

Required education & experience:

  • 4-year university degree
  • 2 years of professional writing experience
  • Diverse portfolio of copy examples including web, print, advertising, email, and social.

Required Skills and Abilities:

General requirements:

  • Have a clear understanding of and commitment to Back2Back’s mission and vision.
  • Adhere to and share the Back2Back Statement of Faith, Cultural Values, and Standards of a Staff Member.
  • Operate with basic competency in Microsoft Office and Google Applications.
  • Ability to adapt copy tone to align with various audiences.
  • Incredible attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Exceptional interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
  • Experience writing copy for marketing purposes
  • Flexibility in your approach to work
  • Work within a close-knit team
  • A sense of humor

Specific descriptors:

  • You’re an awesome writer; an even better editor:
    You can self-edit your work and take unnecessary words away until it hurts.
  • You can edit someone else’s work and polish it up:
    Your attention to detail is a strength for the team.
  • You care about the little things:
    You’re always watching for typos or an unneeded extra space.
  • You can express your opinion confidently:
    You’re not scared to speak up when you disagree, or when you think something needs improvement, and you do it with confidence and respect for others.
  • You’re a self-starter:
    You don’t wait for permission to go and do something. You see something broken, and you fix it. You have a great idea, and you make it happen.
  • You’re a team player:
    You don’t care who has the idea, as long as it’s good, or who gets credit. You care more about the end result than about personal recognition.

This job description is intended to convey essential information about the scope and requirements of the position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties or responsibilities associated with the role. Staff may be assigned tasks other than those specifically listed in this description in order to further the goals of the role or of the organization.

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Care for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.

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