Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Standing Out Among His Peers

Oliver* put a thumbs up in the air with one hand and held his certificate of completion in the other. He completed elementary school and was so excited to share the achievement with this entire family. He was also honored for his high achievements throughout the school year and is now looking toward his next… Read more

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One Step Closer

Delilah* was reflecting on her time following a trip to Tourism Congress. It is a time for students to attend forums where they learn about the tourism industry, and then spend a day within the industry working. Delilah’s role was to be a support for her peers, and she realized very quickly it wasn’t a… Read more

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Beating to His Own Drum

Earlier this year, Rohan* taught himself how to play guitar using YouTube videos. He expressed a passion for learning to play musical instruments and he set out to accomplish this goal. He learned quickly and started leading times of worship for the children and staff on campus. Their excitement for his talent pushed him to… Read more

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Lessons in Virtue

The trauma-informed school in India is flourishing. It currently provides educational care to 240 children from the campus and surrounding villages. New Back2Back India Director, Goldie Karnati, is already dreaming up ways to better connect with the families of each student and ways to grow the preschool program as well. An initiative that has taken… Read more

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The Impact of Investment

Back2Back’s sponsorship program allows connections between safe adults and vulnerable populations around the world. Each month, the generous giving allows children, teens, and families to receive access to food, educational opportunities, new experiences, therapies, and Biblical principles. The holistic care for every child allows them to break cycles of poverty and trauma and equips them… Read more

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To Play with Purpose

In 2021, Back2Back Co-Executive Directors, Todd and Beth Guckenberger, wanted to empower field staff around the world toward innovation on the front lines. They wanted to encourage teams to use generously-given funds for specific projects that would benefit the children and families served. The project was coined Dolphin Tank after the well-known Shark Tank. Staff… Read more

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Honored to Offer Love

The Cortez Garcia family had their hands full. They met their foster daughter as a 40-day-old baby. She grew into an active child who enjoys going to shopping malls, attending church, and experiencing new places. They have built strong relationships with other foster families and have found the connections help them love the little girl… Read more

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Getting on the Same Page

Today we say goodbye to this great work team that, from day one, took on this great challenge. There are still teachers who do what they do with great love. Without a doubt, you each have been, are, and will continue to be a very important part in the academic and intellectual development in the… Read more

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