Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Finding a Greater Understanding

In the last month, local psychiatrist Dr. Carlos Garcia Espinoza has provided several trainings for around 55 people affiliated with Back2Back, including Strong Families parents, 12 Stones staff, and Rancho de los Niños children’s home staff. Dr. Garcia Espinoza is a medical professional and psychiatrist trained in several types of therapies; he came highly recommended… Read more

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Offering Love Right Where They Are

When she lost her brother last year, Anika* felt adrift. Generally a happy young woman, she experienced anger and struggled to listen to the safe adults she had come to trust. Her normally cheerful demeanor turned sarcastic and cold, and her daily patterns changed drastically. The safe adults in the 17-year old’s life remained consistent… Read more

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Making Bold Choices for His Story

Rick Bursey’s phone lit up with an alert. He immediately recognized a familiar face, though it was older now, as he opened the message. It was of a young man in a nursing uniform with a small message below: I wanted to thank you – you’re the only one who believed in my future. In… Read more

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Celebrating What’s Next

The puzzle pieces laid across the tables in front of the four young men. Their house parents stood in before them, speaking words of encouragement and life, telling them the puzzle is a reminder that all the answers to the puzzles of life are found in God and their Bibles. The young men smiled gratefully… Read more

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Building Up Future Leaders

Recently, children at a Nigeria partnering children’s home attended a week-long camp together. The camp allowed space for children to connect, take part in activities, listen to motivational talks, and had time to explore their Bibles during quiet time. The captain of the home, Swanta Zakka, works diligently to create enabling environments for the children… Read more

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Reset & Refocus

Back2Back staff work long hours, step into difficult story lines, and never stop fighting on behalf of the vulnerable populations they serve globally. Each year, the Back2Back Care Team hosts staff retreats for the different staff teams, and this year in the D.R. it was an extra special time. “We decided to hold an island… Read more

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Growing in Depth & Breadth

Back2Back’s Dominican Republic site is unique from the sites who came before it.  While partnerships with local non-profits are being established, the vision is to impact more children and families by scaling through others, to grow in breadth. Through Trauma Competent Care training, the D.R. staff team equips others in the D.R. on how to… Read more

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Beating the Odds

The National Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in the capital city of Nigeria. The stadium serves as home to the Nigerian National Football team, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. Recently, a partnering children’s home went on an excursion to the capital city, and they got to… Read more

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To Get Back Up Again

Kate* clocked out at the health food stand she’s long worked at and heads in the direction of home. She smiles to herself, considering all she’s accomplished and how far she had to come to do it.  She arrives at her home, the Back2Back Transitioning to Independence Program house, and settles in for the evening… Read more

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