Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Always Looking Up

Pops of color and the waving streamers stuck out against a crisp, blue Haitian sky. Giggles from the children who fashioned the handmade kites rang out, and Back2Back staff took in the moment before explaining the purpose behind kite flying. It was an Easter celebration for children at a partnering children’s home, but the lessons… Read more

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Bravery in Vulnerability

“Close your eyes,” Swanta Zakka, Back2Back staff, said quietly to the group of teens. “Imagine a skill you wish you had; think about what obstacles are between you and learning that skill. Now, open your eyes. Who wants to share?” Swanta has been leading life skills groups with children and teens at the education center…. Read more

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Classroom in a Garbage Truck

The Strong Families Program in India has allowed staff to witness the dedication of the students who are given fresh opportunities to pursue their educational dreams. Even when school went virtual for the students, they remained focused on their studies and asked for helping when it was needed. Adya*, a young girl in the program,… Read more

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Powerful Experiences Grow Powerful Young Women

Comfort, a caregiver at a partnering children’s home, noticed early on in lockdown teens were trying to find new rhythms while being stuck inside. It started slowly – energy was high from lack of activity, and then became disruptive. Fits of frustration and lashing out were regular occurrences, and Comfort knew something was needed to… Read more

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Empowered with Confidence

The aroma in the slums is strong. Daily, men faithfully show up to sort through remnants of leftovers and recyclable materials, taking their job seriously. It’s with this work they care for their families – the sorting and piling, and like any job, there are advantages and disadvantages. To abate the smell of what they’re… Read more

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Finding New Community

As Hope Education Program students are returning to university and living away from the campus they’ve called home for so many years, they are building new and lasting relationships. One young man, Ari*, recently celebrated his birthday, but due to restrictions, his mentor wasn’t able to be with him in person.  Birthdays have always been… Read more

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The Power to Speak

The three young children show a new, contagious confidence when they speak now. Previously, their talking was slow, labored – the children had to work hard to find the right words and put together full sentences. Staff at the partnering children’s home knew they needed assistance, and they needed it quickly. Holistic care for vulnerable… Read more

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Understanding the Sensory System

We all have external senses – vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. For a child with minimal trauma, sensory processing can be easy. They are able to act, and react appropriately and can learn through  their senses. Adversely, for a child with significant trauma, their senses are negatively impacted and this creates issues with their… Read more

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A Time of Earnest Prayer

The girls who live in the Devotion Hope Home circled up in their living room. Their heads bowed, their hands clasped together, they prayed for a new Hope student arriving at their home. The Hope father opened his eyes to take in the scene: the girls in their care were fervent  with their prayers for… Read more

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