Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Monterrey Highlights

Strong(er) Families, Strong(er) Homes Recent lockdowns were an unwelcome change for most of the world. As people adjusted to working from home and holding classrooms from their kitchen tables, there were a few families in Monterrey who benefitted from the requirement of sheltering-in-place. Many of the children who live at partnering children’s homes were already… Read more

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A Call-Center Style Classroom

A Call-Center Style Classroom The big room is generally abuzz with visiting mission guests and Sunday church services, but in recent weeks, it’s bustling for different reasons. Small tables have been set up perpendicular to each other on the grey, marble floors, and each caregiver has their own phone, paperwork, and schedule to follow every… Read more

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Hi-YAH! The two young boys cried out the expected call as they completed a new karate move. Their eyes were laser focused, their arms were stiff and strong, and their karate teacher acknowledged it all as they completed the move. Both boys beamed on the inside, and gave a smile on the outside as thanks…. Read more

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Bugs, and Airplanes, and Boats, Oh My!

Bugs, and Airplanes, and Boats, OH MY! Lisa and Rick Bursey had gotten used to insects being brought to their offices by the children at the home. “COVID-19, while initially caused a lot of boredom, has now really sparked creativity,” shared Lisa. In their down time between teacher-led crafts, the children explored the areas around… Read more

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Cincinnati Highlights

Did You Know? 75% of children who are trafficked do not have a 3rd grade reading level by the 3rd grade. This staggering statistic is one of the driving forces of Back2Back Cincinnati’s reading program. “If we can help children recognize words and understand language, we’re bringing an awareness to them, helping them better identify… Read more

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Using His Voice for the Arts, and Others

Using His Voice for the Arts, and Others Seventeen-year old Samuel* is a young man of many gifts. He is a talented spoken word performer and over the last couple years, has showcased them in nearly every area of the arts. What has become even more impressive than his artistic giftings, is Samuel’s ability to… Read more

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Cancun Quarterly Highlights

My Father’s House, A Virtual VBS Vacation Bible School season had arrived, but with it remained restrictions and social distancing orders. The staff wanted to offer this experience for the children and teens, even as everything was running so differently. So they planned a virtual Vacation Bible School as a safe, but fun, alternative. The… Read more

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Haiti Quarterly Highlights

Haiti Reopens!A Site-Wide Update After several months of closures, no public gatherings, and virtual meetings, Haiti has officially reopened as of July 20th. Airports were among the first buildings to reopen their doors. Shortly after, factories starting operating at 100%, and churches opened their doors and welcomed people in, and the Back2Back campus is also… Read more

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