Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Kindness In & Out of the Classrooom

The trauma-informed, Back2Back-run school in India continues to thrive. Each month, the students are learning a new value to carry with them throughout their lives, regardless of job or vocation. Since beginning these monthly lessons, students have learned more about responsibility, respect, and honesty; the lessons allow them to fully understand what the value means… Read more

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National Girl Child Day

January 24th is celebrated in India, observed as “National Girl Child Day.” Back2Back staff have organized an awareness program in partnership with Urban Primary Health Center & Project GRL. This year, 59 young women and girls were treated by doctors through the initiative. Medical professionals spoke about health and hygiene tips to the group of… Read more

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Play Provides Healing

Cricket made its way to India in the 18th century by European merchant sailors, and has since become a beloved sport country-wide. Recently, a group of boys in the Strong Families program expressed interest in playing in a more organized manner. The community center where families attend lacks acreage and space; there are areas nearby… Read more

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First Round Graduates!

Trauma-informed schools are on the rise at Back2Back sites around the globe. Over the years, as Back2Back staff have served children attending village and government-run schools, they saw inconsistencies as students struggled to keep up, many often repeating grades. As they prayed and consulted God for what was best for each child, the answer became… Read more

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Expanding the Reach: India Welcomes New Site Director

In Hyderabad’s core, there is a community of families living in makeshift homes. Most of the parents are rag pickers, who separate thrown-out food and materials into groups and sell them for profit. Despite these living conditions, there is joy within the tarped walls and metal roofs. There in the middle of the slum community,… Read more

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Time to Celebrate & Dream

Back2Back’s holistic approach to care is centered around presence and purpose. We teach children and parents alike the importance of playing with purpose, guiding safe adults toward trauma competent caregiving; we intentionally invest in the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social spheres of every child, teen, and adult served. On January 5th of this year,… Read more

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A Day at the Ranch

At the end of December, eight young adults and ten Back2Back Mazatlán staff were able to take part in a special day set aside just for them. Local volunteers who regularly visit this home and serve there invited them to a farm/ranch called Las Habas.  It was a full day in which the young adults… Read more

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Hope in the Journey

The beauty of Haiti is unparalleled. In one direction, peaks of hilly land jut out against a clear, blue sky and in another direction, water shimmers beneath palm trees. In between land and water, there are 11 million Haitian men, women, and children. It is an island that has long suffered from natural disasters, lack… Read more

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Prepared to Pay it Forward

Child sponsorship is an integral way Back2Back helps facilitate safe, lasting relationships for children and adults from around the world. The financial support it provides allows holistic care for each child, and the emotional investment made has eternal impact. One young man came to live at a Back2Back partnering children’s home in 2013 when he… Read more

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Futures Full of Promise

Isha* opened his school journal to write down the day’s assignments. He finished, closed the book, and smiled to himself. It was almost time for his English class, and he couldn’t wait to dive into the next lesson. Isha is one of four children who live in the city and attend the community center run… Read more

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