Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.
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Gaining Understanding

Leah Martinez, Back2Back staff, has been working closely with a local community center through a D.R. church for the last two years. As captain over the center, Leah comes alongside 10 nine-14-year old Haitian children who don’t speak much Spanish and need assistance in order to get into a local public school. Leah partners with… Read more

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Training Leads to Empowerment

Recently, weekly Trauma Competent Care trainings started, led by Back2Back staff to two different couples in the same area the ministry is located. A foster family couple and a missionary couple wanted to dive deeper into trauma-informed care and have a desire to share what they’re learning with others. “Every Saturday, we all meet together… Read more

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Altering Their Perception

Ene Oklo, Back2Back staff, overheard some of the younger children at a partnering children’s home recently. “I’ve never had strawberries before, have you?” One child asked the group. “No, but I always wonder what they would taste like!” A few of them exclaimed in response. The area where the children live in Nigeria is known… Read more

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Prioritizing Connection

Warm air blew through the palapa as groups of women and girls gathered in different areas. The space around them was filled with their laughter and conversation as moms and daughters came together for a connection event hosted by staff and a visiting team. Several stations were set up beneath the palapa and they were… Read more

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Chasing His Aspirations

A goal at one of Back2Back’s homes in Mazatlán is to come alongside young adults and work toward independence and sustainability. Recently, a young man who has long lived at the home expressed interest in finding a job and developing a budget for his own income. “He has many dreams and aspirations and over the… Read more

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A Mountaintop Experience

Four Hope Program students sat atop the high mountain peak and looked at their city below. One of the young men started pointing, calling out landmarks or locations he recognized as the sun shone brightly from a cloudless, blue sky.  Recently, an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) team visited Monterrey, Mexico. As a team of athletes,… Read more

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With Their Eyes on Him

“Every decision you make this year, be sure to involve God. You will have a lot of new experiences and choices to make, but be sure you don’t forget He is to be a part of it all,” Abeke*, a veteran Transition student, spoke these words over the incoming Transition Program teens in Nigeria. Back2Back… Read more

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An Incredible Transformation

“I don’t want to be a rag picker anymore. I want my degree,” the father’s voice was clear and resolute as he looked Back2Back India Staff, Santosh, in the eye.  Santosh and a father in the Strong Families Program have been working together for the last four years through parenting classes. He and his family… Read more

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