Be inspired by stories of reckless faith from around the world. These stories encourage us to keep going, to never give up, until every child is known and loved.

Meet Moses

Fourteen year old Moses likes to play soccer and spend time with his friends. He resides at Destiny’s Home and attends Mashiah Foundations Academy in Nigeria, near the ministry base in Jos. We are thrilled to work together with the school, which was birthed out of a desire to serve the low income community in Jos, to provide improved educational services to several of the Destiny children.


They Can’t Stay Here

In one project, according to His timing and in His strength, God brought forth all the resources we needed through mission team partners, child sponsorship partners, church partners and prayer partners, from the U.S., the U.K. and India. Only God could enable raising 100% of the funds required to build four family-style homes, mission team housing and infrastructure within a matter of 90 days!


A Father’s Day Prayer

He combs my hair with his fingers and carefully puts the rubber band around the ponytail he has pulled together. I take the opportunity to tell him that someday, he could get married, and have daughters whose hair he could also comb gently into a ponytail.


Her Sweet Voice

Since I came on staff with Back2Back, I have shared that part of Back2Back’s vision is to be a voice for orphans. However, only until recently have I understood that being a voice goes further than writing blogs.


The Best Day I Ever Had

Kendia leads with wisdom and kindness, as she encourages her peers to obey and help with the younger children in the children’s home in Haiti.


Service with a Purpose

I had wanted to participate in a mission trip for over ten years. For numerous reasons it hadn’t happened yet. I was having lunch with a dear friend who was going to Cancun in just a little over two weeks. I shared that I’d love to participate if it wasn’t too late.


Anusha Perseveres

Thirteen-year-old Anusha is the oldest girl at Peace Children’s Home in Hyderabad, India. Her favorite subject is science and she loves to draw.


A Thankful Heart

When Yadira Mendoza, a director of Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home, first met Alejandro, he was in a hospital, struggling to survive. He’d been in a car accident and wasn’t getting appropriate medical attention.


Vanessa’s Academic Achievements

Vanessa is a spunky, energetic nine-year old girl, who lives outside Cancun, Mexico. She’s an artist who loves drawing flowers and princesses. Our staff serve her mother, Gloria, and other single moms in the area, as part of an overarching preventative orphan care initiative.



What’s the secret? What’s the key to his success? I wish I could say that it his great tutor or all the extra hours of academic work we’ve put in together. But, neither of those are true. Despite my college degree, it’s not the hours of academic prep we’ve logged, it’s the investment in his heart.

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