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Cincinnati, Ohio is the fastest-growing economic power in the Midwestern United States based on economic output. With a population of over two million, the Cincinnati metro area is home to many Fortune 500 companies. However, 2 in 5 children in Cincinnati are living in poverty, which is double the national rate. There are neighborhoods in Cincinnati where the life expectancy is 10 years less than the neighborhoods around them. Without help, children in poverty are 6 times more likely to drop out of high school, and 32 times more likely to spend adulthood in poverty.

Back2Back began working in Cincinnati in 2018. Back2Back partners with other organizations in the city to provide tutoring, mentoring, coaching and other programming for children and teens. Back2Back also partners with organizations to provide trauma informed care training for staff and volunteers.

Back2Back Solutions in Cincinnati


Keeping families together and reuniting those broken apart is always the #1 goal.



Get Involved in Cincinnati


The first step to getting involved in Cincinnati is to attend this one day training on ethnic and cultural disparity, trauma, and self-care.


An army of monthly givers dedicated to creating a world where every child is known and loved.


100% of your financial gift is used for the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social care of children.

Quit your day job and move to Cincinnati.

We’re on a mission to end the orphan crisis, and we won’t stop until every child is known and loved. Want to join us on that mission in Cincinnati?

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