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Cancún is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, and located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Cancun is mostly known as a tourist destination, but in stark contrast to the luxurious resorts and white sandy beaches, it also has a high rate of poverty and is the leading city for alcohol and drug abuse in all of Mexico. There are many vulnerable children who are at-risk of falling victim to the child trafficking business which is thriving in Cancún. It is difficult to break the cycle of poverty since public education ends after the 9th grade. As a result, unemployment rates are high, and the national minimum wage is less than $5 a day, with many earning even less than this.

Back2Back began working in Cancún in 2010. Due to the large population of vulnerable children and families, Back2Back’s work focuses on orphan prevention through family preservation. Back2Back community centers offer a wide variety of programs and services to families to come alongside them in an effort keep them together. This model of orphan prevention developed in Cancún is known as Back2Back’s Strong Families Program and has been adapted to be used at Back2Back’s other ministry locations internationally.

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