Seeing Clearly for the First Time

The campus was filled with a buzz of conversation and excitement. Families from neighboring villages made the trek to the Suzuki Samuel Hope Campus in India for a medical clinic, and the opportunity to be seen and heard by medical professionals created an atmosphere of welcoming.

“It was such a unique opportunity to host the clinic on campus for the nearby families,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back Stateside India Director. “We provided general health check-ups, we had a mobile X-ray machine, we did heart check-ups, blood work, and an optometrist was there screening for glasses. We also had a dentist with us who led a small class on dental hygiene and did teeth cleanings for the children and families.”

320 people were seen in total and 20 pairs of glasses were given out to children and families who needed them. They also learned a teeth cleaning song and about the importance of brushing twice a day. The day was full of breakthroughs and diagnosis, and the families were able to build community with one another in between check-ups.

“My favorite part of the day was putting new glasses on the adult women who needed them,” shared Julie. “It took my breath away to see them put the glasses on and see clearly for the first time; they were so precious and so grateful. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Providing care to children and adults alike who would otherwise not have access is a gift Back2Back staff do not take for granted. This depth and breadth of care wouldn’t be possible without the advocacy, prayer, and support of faithful donors from around the world.