Standing in the Gap

Bhongir Fort is a well-known fort some kilometers from the Back2Back campus in India. It sits atop a rock hill more than 500 feet high and was built in the 10th Century; its steps from the bottom of the hill to the top are still intact. It is a popular hiking destination for people nearby, and recently, the campus children and staff went on a field trip there – the first since before COVID-19 hit India.

“Bhongir is a very physically intense hike,” shared Julie Mowery, U.S. Director for India. Some of the children had to move slower than others and one visiting staff member, Corrie Guckenberger, actually sat with one of the young girls halfway up until she was ready to continue the hike.

Outings like this are important for more than one reason; they allow children to explore pieces of their own cultural history and home country, and they also present opportunities for staff and other safe adults to display their intention and care for the children before them. Back2Back is grateful for those who step in during special trips like this to remind each and every child they are seen, known, and loved.