Making the Impossible Possible

Luke5Adventures was born from a conversation that never happened. Kevin Schwieger, founder of the organization, discovered a new hiking trail and couldn’t wait to tell others about it. The first person he came across was a long-time friend who had spent the last 20 years of her life in a wheelchair.

“I ended up not sharing about the trail, but spent the next several days realizing I wanted my friend to have the ability to experience nature and new hiking trails, and I was going to find a way to make it happen,” shared Kevin.

Luke5Adventures makes the impossible possible by gathering dedicated volunteers and special equipment to offer outdoor experiences to people with disabilities. From Ohio to Colorado, Kevin and his team bring Luke 5 to life by helping everyone experience Jesus through nature, no matter their abilities.

In September, Kevin and his team brought their vision, talents, and equipment to Back2Back’s Mazatlan site. They arrived late on a Monday evening with a huge box that held the “chair-cycle.” As Back2Back staff drove their team, they shared everything God had been doing through Luke5 the last two years. “I think what was most amazing, to me, was that they flew all the way to Mexico for one day to deliver a hiking experience for one child,” shared Kristen Hallahan, Back2Back staff.

Kevin and his team met with the leadership team over breakfast, then went to Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home to meet with the staff team and the young man who would be experiencing a hike for the first time in his life. Together, they hiked to the top of El Faro, a well-known lighthouse in the area.

The young man was elated at the opportunity, taking in sites he’d never been able to see before, all because one man refused to accept a limited world view for people with disabilities. After their hike, the team took the chair to 12 Stones, where another teen will get to experience a hike with a dedicated team of volunteers and caregivers.

This is the power of advocacy, prayer, and not taking no for an answer when something can be different. To learn more about Kevin’s story and the work Luke5Adventures does, you can visit their website at and listen to Kevin share directly on the Be the Difference Podcast!