Celebration Ensues

On July 9th, all across the world, each Back2Back site celebrated the ministry’s 25th anniversary. From Mason, Ohio to Hyderabad, India – and every site in between – staff, ministry partners, child sponsors, and local advocates gathered together, celebrating all that has been accomplished through providing holistic care to vulnerable populations.

Back2Back’s Nigeria site celebrated two milestones in one – both the 25th anniversary of the ministry and the 15th anniversary of work being done in Nigeria! To commemorate these special events, staff hosted a concert, with guest artists from all over Jos performing. Additionally, students who grew up within the ministry, and a few staff members, performed.

Edmund, a young man who lived in a partnering children’s home, completed the Hope Education Program, and is now in the Transitions Program, played keyboard for every performer. He also was given stage time to perform some of his own music, which he composes himself. He performed with Daniel Asama, Back2Back Nigeria Director, and he also performed a worship song with staff member Meredith Meser. “Edmund has incredible boldness, courage, and passion to perform and minister through worship music,” shared Meredith. In addition to Edmund performing, another Transitions student, Jeremiah, was hired to photograph the event!

The concert served as a celebration of all that’s been done, as encouragement to staff, and an outreach to the community. The Back2Back Nigeria team was encouraged to bring guests, and many shared how greatly they were impacted. Comfort, a national staff member, brought a friend and recounted her experience. 

“When I picked her up, she wasn’t in the best of spirits,” shared Comfort. “I didn’t expect her to want to stay long, but I introduced her to several people and allowed her time to enjoy the concert. When I went back to check on her, she was dancing and singing! Her mood had totally transformed.” 

Her friend told her later when they arrived, she had a lot on her mind and was overwhelmed with stress, but as she sat with a bitter heart, the Lord lifted her burdens through the music.

“It was then I realized the work Back2Back does isn’t just for the kids, it is for the community and it reaches far more people than we’ll ever realize,” she shared.

Another staff member, Azubike Kalu, shared at the end of the concert, reflecting on the music and the anniversary. He recounted all that’s happened in the ministry, and spoke of hope as we all look forward to how far God will reach in the next 25 years through the ministry.

This is the power of shared vision, dedication, and a heart for the vulnerable – moods are shifted, people are called, and celebrations ensue.