A Confident Girl & Her Bright Smile

Like many teenagers around the world, Sonja* struggled with her self-confidence. For many years, she felt insecure about her teeth and didn’t like smiling in front of others. Staff at a partnering children’s home noticed this struggle, and wanted to remind her just how special she is. 

Holistic care means every child is approached with the intent of improving each aspect of their life. Therapies, doctors visits, nutritious meals, and so much more are offered to every boy and girl in Back2Back’s care as we approach the whole child.

For Sonja, holistic care meant the safe adults in her life wanted her to feel confident about her smile. They took her to a local dentist, where a solution was offered. “The dentist told us she would need braces,” shared Melissa Fuentes, Back2Back staff. “We were nervous about how she’d take the news, but when we returned home, she immediately, and excitedly,  told her friends.”

Sonja now smiles with pride. Wearing braces has grown her confidence, and whenever she grins, she is reminded her needs are known and they will be provided for. This is the power of prayer, advocacy, and faithful sponsorship – children don’t have to wonder if they’re seen and loved – they are reminded everyday.