Using Their Gifts to Sustain Their Families

For several years, the Back2Back Cancun staff have held a Mom’s Market at the end of mission trips for visiting guests. It’s an opportunity for the moms to showcase their talents and earn money for their families while trip participants receive goods representing Cancun’s vibrancy and culture. It has long been a highlight for trip members and is a moment for the moms to remember the importance of honoring their own gifts.

Recently, a partnering organization, Orphan’s Promise, gave supplies to two moms in the program, allowing ongoing sales in the markets and their own communities.  One mom started making journals after her son read the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and wanted his own journal. She made a simple prototype for her son, and the popularity and need for them took off from there. She now hand makes journals and notebooks. She received supplies to complete more for profit. Another mom makes blouses and she received a sewing machine as well as sewing supplies to continue creating.

They were both overwhelmed and moved to tears when supplies were delivered, as they weren’t expecting such generosity. In addition to the donations, Orphan’s Promise held an entrepreneurial training via Zoom with both women to help them further develop their businesses.

While Mom’s Market stopped briefly during shutdowns, it has started back up, and both women will sell their handmade goods there and within their communities. This is the power of investment and advocacy for those around you – reminding people of their inherent value and allowing unique giftings to flourish, thus making space for familial sustainability.