From Difficult to Redemptive

Two years ago, nine children arrived at a partnering children’s home carrying burdens they were not equipped to handle. Their local community was under attack and as a result, many lost at least one, if not both, parents and significant loved ones. They arrived needing a safe space to be a child, but were closed off emotionally.

“The children came to the home not knowing any English or even Hausa, the regional language unifying different tribes in the area,” shared Plangkat Felix, Back2Back staff. 

Blessing, a Back2Back tutor, shared, “The violence the children have experienced affects so many pieces of their development, especially the way they learn.” As the nine children acclimated to the home, still only speaking to each other in their tribal language, staff adapted as well as they could to provide care.

Blessing is known across the Nigeria site as having a gift for connecting with children and teaching them to read and write in short amounts of time. She, along with other staff, have been consistent in the lives of the nine children over the past two years. Daily, she connected with each of them, building relationships and slowly adding in phonics lessons and other English elements along the way.

When the children celebrated their one-year anniversary at the home, they were all speaking, reading, and writing English fluently. As their two-year anniversary arrives, they are celebrating their acceptance to a private, prestigious school many other students attend.

“We see them growing, learning, and healing,” shared Plangkat. “Blessing was so gentle and patient with them, and we are all a witness to their flourishing.” Staff are excited for the children to receive this opportunity they may have otherwise never received. They are humbled to be in the front row as God turns difficult, harrowing storylines into redemptive celebrations.