Lifting Each Other Up

A partnering children’s home in Nigeria is a home built on family-style care. Directors Katharina and her husband, Israel, look at each child in their home as their own. They live by example, supporting each other, and have set an example for the children to consider one another.  This summer two of the older boys in the home stepped up in new ways, all on their own.

One child in the home suffers from chronic illness and was recently admitted to the hospital following a bad health episode. Most days, Katharina, Israel, or a caregiver were in the hospital with the young man, providing emotional and social care for him as he healed. However, there were a few hours on certains days when no one was able to be there. Without being asked, the two oldest boys in the home took time during their summer break to sit at the hospital with their little “brother.”  While all the children visited the young boy, the two oldest gave up many hours so he wouldn’t be alone in the hospital.

“I was so encouraged to see the young men take ownership of their schedules and prioritize things without being told,” shared Swanta Zakka, Back2Back staff.

This is the power of sponsorship giving, which allows children to live in family-style environments. They are raised to understand they must be in the corners of their peers to lift them up, help keep them safe, and to remind each other just how loved they are.