Couple’s Night: Prioritizing Connection

“Who eats more tacos?” Dan Ucherek, Back2Back staff, asked into the microphone, and all around the palapa, husbands and wives held up either a mustache or lips as they took part in a fun couple’s game. Dan moved onto the next question, “Who snores more at night?” Laughter rippled through the crowd as mustaches and lips went up, again.

Fun was in the air at a recent Couple’s Night event held by a visiting missions team and Back2Back staff in Cancun. “Date nights were a regular occurrence before COVID, so we were excited to start hosting them again,” shared Amy Kelly, Back2Back staff. “Dan has been working closely with the dads for a while, leading Bible studies and checking in with them, so he and his wife, Christi, planned the whole evening.” The visiting mission guests were the waiters for the evening, serving steak and chicken kabobs, potatoes, salad, and chocolate fondue with fruit for dessert.

A pastor with the team shared a devotional and challenged the couples to remain committed and intentional with each other in their marriage. As the date night went on, Dan and Christi  asked connection questions and allowed couples the space to chat with each other.

The event was special and a large success; the 11 couples who attended were encouraged by the time and effort that went into planning and preparing the food, and they were grateful for the chance to intentionally connect with their spouses.

This is just one impactful way children and families are served holistically in Cancun. By building into the relationships of each couple, children are raised in families where emotional health and conversation are a priority. This is always something we will celebrate.