Mazatlan Highlights

Learning Independence, Seeking Reunification

Family reunification has long been something Back2Back honors, if the situation is safe, healthy, and allows the child to flourish with their biological family. We know it is God’s design for families to be together, and we work towards this in every instance possible.

Four years ago, Miguel’s* grandmother was contacted by staff about reunification with her grandson. At the time, she hadn’t given much time to visiting with Miguel, and she didn’t have the practical tools and resources to care well for him.

Last November, she began visiting every Sunday at the home, and today, is working on ways to care for Miguel. He is wheelchair bound, which requires a lift for the home where he lives. Back2Back has provided the necessary items for her home and is teaching her how to use them properly. During the time she spends with Miguel each week, she learns from those who’ve cared for him diligently the last several years. This grandmother is becoming equipped – both physically and emotionally – to care for him full-time.

When COVID-19 hit Mazatlán, her weekly visits stopped, protecting both her and Miguel. Meanwhile, they are each preparing independently for this upcoming transition. “Her visits to the home motivate Miguel to work harder on needed skills, so he can live with her full-time,” shared Bailey Prescott, Back2Back staff. While waiting for visits to resume, Miguel is gaining independence in his day-to-day routine, which will make the transition smoother in the future.

A year ago, Miguel showed no interest or motivation in doing simple, day-to-day things on his own, but now he is taking ownership of what he can handle and working on independent living. This preparation work will one day lead to reunification with biological family, and we are excited and proud for the growth this shows in Miguel.

Celebrating the First Pacific Christian Academy Graduates!

An arch with white, gold, and royal blue balloons hung above the Graduation 2020 sign. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as families gathered to celebrate graduates from Pacific Christian Academy (PCA.)

PCA is the Back2Back-run, trauma-informed school many of the Hope Program Students attend in Mazatlán. This year marked the first year of graduates from the school; staff and families were thrilled to recognize their achievements.

Maria* and Clara* both graduated after two years of very hard work and are looking forward to the next steps. Maria has started college at Universidad de Occidente (University of the West) studying Psychology and so far is loving the new challenges and atmosphere. Clara hopes to one day become a cosmetologist, but with COVID-19 regulations still in place, her schooling is delayed. In the meantime, she is considering studying English and working part-time as a photographer’s assistant!

Gaby Nieto, Educational Coordinator and Principal at PCA, spoke highly of both girls on their graduation days. “During their time at PCA, Maria and Clara have further developed their social skills, but even more importantly, God has worked in their hearts during this process. They now realize how smart and capable they are, and with Him in their lives can accomplish anything.”

Please join us in celebrating this milestone for Maria and Clara. Pray for them as they venture into new experiences and new lessons.