Three things I learned over dinner with Tim Tebow

Fifteen years ago, Back2Back began a relationship with The James Fund at Family Christian Stores that gifted us a friendship with its President, Steve Biondo.  Today, Steve serves as the President of the Tim Tebow Foundation and through him, we’ve formed a relationship with Tim and his staff.  A couple of weeks ago, after gathering for a meal we came away with these insights:

3 Things I Learned Over Dinner With Tim Tebow

  1. When you connect with someone who lives their life on mission, you leave more in love with Jesus.
    Tim is impressive – his drive, his career, and his passion combine into something powerful. Yet, as the night went on and the hours of conversation flew by, I found myself falling more in love with Jesus. It’s Jesus we talked about, and live for, and hope in. Jesus has done and will do amazing things through our willingness and collaboration.
  2. Kingdom work is offense and not defense, we should spend time and resources aggressively advancing the Kingdom.
    Tim has a Holy Spirit confidence that’s contagious. God’s already won, let’s not waste a single moment in response to the enemy. We talked about plans bigger than our own ability to execute, we talked about healing and vision and kingdom. Afterwards, we felt like charging ahead. That’s a sign of a Kingdom builder!
  3. God uses anyone and anything to send His message of love to the least of these.
    Tim was clear his heart beats for the weak and vulnerable. We talked about how God gives us gifts, and opportunities so we can find ourselves in positions to demonstrate His heart. He can use a teacher, coach, athlete, parent, mentor, friend… anyone willing to love well puts God on display.

We look forward to many days and joint projects ahead. We’ve already seen the Tim Tebow Foundation invest in Mazatlán, Mexico and anticipate more to come. We are grateful to be in God’s story and count Tim and his community as family.

The whole Back2Back family is thrilled to be in relationship with the Tim Tebow Foundation. We have long appreciated Tim’s testimony, and have respect for the quality of leadership and staff surrounding him. After our first interaction with Tim, Todd and I left so filled up, encouraged by what God can do when His people unite to serve. There are moments when you sense God is inviting you into something, and as we take our first steps of co-laboring with the Tim Tebow Foundation, we look forward to what He has for us.