A Memorable Mother’s Day

Everywhere you looked at the community center, you could see groups of teens busy at work. One group was picking up trash, another was setting up tables and chairs under the palapa. A few girls worked on decorating, while another group wrapped gifts and made personalized nametags for their guests. Inside the community center, a group of five girls removed thorns from rose stems and made vibrant floral arrangements while others worked in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

On Mother’s Day in Cancun, Mexico, the teens from Tres Reyes and Bonfil were busy preparing a memorable morning for the women in their lives.

“The best part of the celebration was the teens from both communities coming together and preparing for the day,” explained Jenn Holden, Back2Back staff. “It was a great example of how they are each learning to give care.”

While the teens were welcoming the moms into the palapa, soft music played as each mom looked for her personalized nametag. Their time began with a small devotional and worship. The teens then served breakfast, and the younger children decorated picture frames with a family photo.

It was a morning filled with love, laughter, and celebrating the many things each mom offers to her family. The morning ended with each sibling group presenting their mom with the finished picture frame and decorated water bottles.

“It was a beautiful day celebrating the moms. It was also invaluable because we saw the children, especially the teens, learning important lessons,” said Jenn. The teens in the kitchen who prepared the meal learned the importance of portions when serving so many people. One of the teens asked staff member, Lili, “How often do you all have to do stuff like this?” Lili smiled and explained when there is a special event, staff work extra to make it memorable. Each teen realized how much effort goes into every special event put on for them as they worked to create a time of gratitude for their moms.

Back2Back Cancun thanks you for your faithful support and all you do, from near and far, to create special experiences for every family served.