The Next Chapter

They arrived at the Back2Back India Hope Campus in 2014. Living together previously at House of Compassion Children’s Home, the three boys came as friends, hopeful for what would come next in their stories.

Ganesh, Goutham, and Sandeep began to make the new campus their home, becoming acquainted with other children. Slowly, strangers became trusted friends, trusted friends became like family, and each young man felt the freedom to dream about his future. Ganesh hopes to serve his home country in the Army. Goutham dreams of taking to the skies as a pilot. Sandeep imagines protecting his fellow citizens in the Air Force.

Together, with 30 other children and a team of loving, trauma informed staff, they know their hopes are within reach.

“When I think about leaving campus and moving on to junior college, sometimes I feel excited,” shared 16-year old Goutham. “I am excited to meet new people, to see new places.” He smiled and paused thoughtfully before speaking. “But I feel sad, too. Leaving this home, leaving my friends who’ve become like brothers and sisters, leaving my caregivers…I will miss them.” Standardized education in India ends with the completion of tenth grade. For many Indians, this is enough. They complete their education and return to their families to work, helping to support their parents and siblings. For some, it is the beginning of a larger step, the bigger dream of pursuing a career.

As March drew to a close, Ganesh, Goutham, and Sandeep studied diligently for their final exams. It is no secret in India how important tenth grade exams are – they determine junior college and career options for each student. Junior college allows broadened career options for teens in India, but for the three teen boys preparing to leave campus, it is also one step closer to independent living.

It is with excitement and complete joy that Back2Back shares Ganesh, Goutham, and Sandeep each passed their final exams and, as of April 30th, 2018, have each been accepted into Junior College! Please join in praying for protection, provision, and continual dependence on Jesus for each of the teens. As they step into the next chapter of their stories, we cheer them on. Their foundation is strong, and their future secure.