Choosing to Follow Jesus

The church was quiet as 13-year old Monestime went underneath the water. When his head broke the surface, the congregation smiled in celebration of the young man’s baptism. Monestime was one of five teens recently baptized from Harvest Care Children’s Home. Monestime, Mathieu (14), Christelle (14), Wilson (15), and Roodnel (14) recently chose to follow Jesus and were baptized at their church in Haiti.

“Jimmy has been doing a lot of really good work with the children at Harvest Care,” shared Brent Fudge, Back2Back staff. Jimmy Francois, the captain of Harvest Care Children’s Home, leads Bible Studies with the children, and twice a year, plans a Bible Bowl for them. “All year they work on memorizing scripture together, learning different stories, histories, and people of the Bible, and the Bible Bowl is a unique way the children get to show how much they’re learning,” shared Brent.

Last year, the lessons largely focused on God’s love for everyone and how that was displayed on the Cross. This year, Jimmy is focusing lessons and teachings on thankfulness and the blood of Jesus and what that means for everyone.

“The children were engaged last year, but I see them becoming more and more invested this year,” shared Jimmy. “They seem to better understand what Jesus did for them, and how they can live their lives for Him.”

Each teen received a new Bible following their baptism. Back2Back Haiti is excited for the ways each child is growing and better understanding their place in the Kingdom. Thank you for faithfully investing in each boy and girl as they take steps in choosing to follow Jesus.