To Ask for Help

Eighty children from Igmin Kibe Education Center and Destiny Children’s Home were recently able to visit a certified medical clinic in Nigeria. This was the first time to see a doctor or visit a clinic for many of the children.

Their eyes were wide, taking in the new building and faces. Each child by the end of the day would have the opportunity to share if anything was hurting. Medical professionals took the time to ask each of the children how they were feeling, making it clear they were there tohelp meet their needs. As each boy and girl met with a doctor, they were able to recognize when help was needed, they simply had to ask.

“Consistent, preventative medical checks have been a struggle,” shared Dori McCormick, Back2Back staff. “In order to keep updated medical records and maintain a high standard of care, we have begun a partnership with a local, Christian family clinic.” The clinic employs well-trained medical professionals with hearts to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.

The children’s visit to the clinic was fruitful. Staff members were able to identify some of the children who needed medical treatment and several of the children were referred tospecialists. A few were even able to see an optometrist and take steps towards corrective lenses.

Depth of care is occurring within Nigeria as the physical needs of each child are considered, and the children are learning they can communicate how they are feeling. “We are teaching each child to be aware of their body’s physical needs and to ask for help as they need it,” shared Dori.