Expressing their Needs

The whistle blows out against the empty seats of the stadium. The athletes come to a stop, resting their lungs and their legs.

It’s another day of soccer practice under the heat of the Cancun sun. Zuri and Jose Luis are happy to be practicing with their school soccer teams. Practices and games are held on the professional training grounds of Cancun’s soccer team, Atlanté.

“Being a part of their soccer teams has been a great sense of motivation for Zuri and Jose Luis,” shares Darlene Ruiz, Back2Back Cancun Caseworker.

A reward for both children, the soccer practices and games are proving to be a good source of drive for the siblings.

“I have seen significant growth with both children, but Zuri is flourishing so much,” says Darlene.

Zuri, normally a timid girl who keeps to herself, is blossoming through her new extracurricular activity. Her confidence is increasing by playing a sport she loves and being a part of a team. “It’s been wonderful to see Zuri go from being a girl who rarely spoke to one who uses her voice more to express her needs.”

Zuri and Jose Luis are chasing their dreams, using their words, and growing up in confidence. Thank you for partnering with Dalila and her family as they learn what hope means for each of their stories.