Celebrating Growth

Ricky, a 23-year old who has lived at Rancho since June of 2006, is unable to speak or see. He can understand when others are talking to him, and responds with motions and small noises.

Ricky, along with others at Rancho, receives regular time with both physical and speech therapists and as a result, the staff see a change.

“Ricky can now get around the house on his own. As he works with the therapist, walking into different rooms, he knows where he is specifically now,” says Ramon Balderrama, Back2Back staff.

Recently, while in speech therapy, Ricky made memorable progress no one was expecting. He spoke his first word. While working with his therapist, Ricky said “mama.”

Celebrating these milestones with the children at Rancho de los Niño’s is a privilege the Back2Back staff enjoy sharing with you. Without your belief in each child and your generous deposits into their stories, joyful growth like this would not be possible.