A New Sense of Joy

Rancho de los Niños staff hears laughter outside. They peek through a window and see Jesus Manuel laughing in the heat of the sun. This moment is new for the young boy; it wasn’t always possible for Jesus Manuel to be outside without someone right beside him.

Twelve-year old Jesus Manuel’s days have been riddled with seizures. Each day the young boy would get up and, at minimum, experience three within twenty-four hours.

Recently, however, a neurologist from another Mexico state came to the home to re-evaluate the children served at Rancho. The doctor was able to suggest an alternate medication for Jesus and staff and caretakers are already seeing a significant difference. As Jesus Manuel begins to experience increasing freedom from fearing the onset of a seizure, he is living his childhood in a new way.

Jesus Manuel has gone from three seizures a day to, often, just one a month. As his teenage body gets used to the new medication and he is experiencing less physical trauma, he is enjoying more on his own; playing outside and feeling the sunshine on his face bring Jesus Manuel a new sense of joy he’s not known before.

 The necessary doctor’s visits and time with therapists are made possible by shared dedication of staff, team members, and sponsorship for each child. Thank you for believing in each story within the walls of Rancho and faithfully trusting victory will have the last word.