Relief for K Bindu

K. Bindu had quietly nursed an ache in her throat for months. Visits to one doctor proved fruitless when her complaints were dismissed. Still, K. Bindu was certain something was not right, so Back2Back staff insisted on a second opinion.

This time, the doctor quickly identified the issue. He determined K. Bindu would need her tonsils removed. K. Bindu was relieved but she was also anxious about what she assumed would be an expensive surgery. K. Bindu was filled with relief when she learned that Back2Back would help cover the cost of the procedure.

The day before the procedure, Back2Back staff and her housemates visited the hospital to pray with K. Bindu, who was a ball of nerves.The surgery was a success and today K. Bindu is thankful to be pain-free. Above all else, K. Bindu knows she is deeply loved by caregivers who are willing to do whatever it takes to meet her needs.