On Goal

B2Bblog_NigeriaWith 29 years experience as a soccer coach, Back2Back staff member, Steve McCollum is passionate about encouraging children on and off the field. Recently, he traveled to Back2Back’s campus in Jos, Nigeria for two weeks for ministry to orphans, including hosting a soccer camp for over 100 children from area children’s homes and villages. The trip was packed with training sessions, scrimmages and foot skill work.  The children enjoyed healthy meals, as well as devotionals and prayer time. The camp culminated with several tournaments for various age groups. That same day, the students rotated through four stations, focusing on dribbling, ball control, field vision, passing, defense and shooting.

This was a rare opportunity for children who otherwise have few, if any, opportunities to attend athletic training programs. While the children were overjoyed to devote a week to improving their game, the most important component of the camp was the spiritual element.

“Children are the same all over the world.  They love soccer, and it is awesome to share Jesus through the world’s favorite game,” says McCollum. “The camp was a great way to encourage the children in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 10:31”

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

We believe spiritual development is a crucial piece of a child’s development. We strive to provide holistic care, addressing the underlying spiritual needs of the children we serve, in addition to meeting physical, emotional, educational and social needs. Sports camps and other extra-curricular activities can serve as a tool to promote physical activity, while also encouraging critical spiritual growth. Sports camps, like McCollum’s clinic, ultimately help broaden the horizons of the children we serve. Our hope is that as the children are exposed to new opportunities for growth, they will also ultimately gain a greater sense of hope for their future.