Too Good to be True

JoshuablogWEBJoshua sat quietly in Bible study for weeks, listening to Scripture about what God had done for so many people throughout history. At first, he was uncertain. But this week, his heart was pounding as the stories began to take root in his heart. He took a deep breath, and finally, his hand went up.

He blushed as all eyes turned to him. The other children who attend the Igmin Kibe Education Center look up to Joshua. As he nervously rose his shaking hand into the air, they quieted down, anticipating what he had to say.

“Is it really true?,” Joshua asked. “Did Jesus really come to earth and die on the cross so we can be saved from our sins? It seems too good to be true.”

This was the first of many questions, which ultimately led to Joshua surrendering his life to God. He continued asking questions about the Bible, about God’s story. He was drawn to the redemption he could do nothing to earn.

The once shy, struggling student is now a confident leader among his peers. His laughter is infectious and his friends are drawn to his laid-back demeanor. He has a peace and joy he never thought was possible.

Joshua recently led the Bible study where he first learned about Jesus, sharing the same truth he had learned about just a few years ago. Joshua hopes sharing what God has done is his life will help others understand God’s love as well. He knows his relationship with God makes a difference—the growth in his life is proof of that. He can’t help but share it with others.

As Joshua smiles to the group and shares the message of the Bible to attentive ears, a subtle grin spreads across his face when hands raise with questions. He is happy to watch his friends crave answers about God. He sees himself in his friends, remembering what it felt like the first time he raised his hand in Bible study.

Joshua is now a disciple making disciples. He has discovered God’s love is indeed good and true. He plans to make that known to all who will listen.