Shining God’s Light in Bonfil

Rossy, a Mexican national, was called to make a difference in her community, near our ministry site in Cancun, Mexico.  Ten years ago, she started Mission Educ-Arte, a ministry with one goal: to bring God’s light into Bonfil.  Many of the children in Bonfil are home alone for hours while their moms are working. Rossy, an artist who makes and sells jewelry, founded Mission Educ-Arte to provide a positive environment for children after-school.  Mission Educ-Arte’s programming focuses on creating a safe and nurturing atmosphere for children to experience Jesus’ love.  Back2Back supports Mission Educ-Arte because Rossy’s heart for the children of Bonfil aligns with Back2Back’s mission.  The programming serves as a support system for single-parent households, many of whom are at-risk of crumbling under the pressure of poverty.  We are honored to partner with Rossy to strengthen families, ultimately a measure of preventative orphan care.

Rossy helps Joseline complete a craft during the after-school program.

Twice a week, Rossy invites neighborhood children, like Joseline, to her classroom where they hear a story about Jesus, sing songs, make a craft, and receive a nutritious meal. Joseline attends the programming faithfully. She loves craft time and thrives within the nurturing environment.  For Joseline, and many of the other children, the meal at Mission Educ-Arte will be on the only one they receive that day.