Because the One Matters

By Jill McGraw, Mission Trip Participant

I would like to share with you, through our team’s experiences, a theme that was evident to all of us who had the privilege of serving in Cancun in July was: the one matters.

“It’s time for VBS!”, calls Rossy, a partner with Back2Back, as she walks through the streets of her impoverished community. Children run out from their homes to follow this vibrant woman who radiates Jesus. The picture we see in this is Jesus walking through the streets and children flocking to him, following him, desiring to be near him . . . because the one matters.

Cancun Trip Reflection, Jill McGraw

While serving at a church in Cancun, Mexico with Back2Back we spent time at a community center in Bonfil. We had an amazing time of prayer where a Back2Back intern received a miracle and her foot was healed in the powerful name of Jesus as the team prayed over her . . .  because the one matters.

We watched as women who are widowed that Back2Back serves, worked incredibly hard to provide for their children, sacrificing on their behalf. It touched our hearts . . . because the one matters.

We saw the generosity of a beautiful woman of God who has so little materially in the world’s eyes give away her personal belongings, not because she had to but because she got to, because she knows in God’s eyes that she has all of her riches of Christ Jesus . . . because the one matters.

At Casa Hagar San Jose, a children’s home for girls, we worked hard that day, but the “picture of the day” came while doing face painting for the children. We observed how tenderly one of the girls held the face of a team member while so carefully applying the paint on her face and we see love . . . because the one matters.

All for the one who matters!