A New Hope


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Gaby is pursuing a degree in visual arts and film thanks to the support of Back2Back’s Hope Education Program in Monterrey, Mexico. Students like Gaby are mentored, provided with an education, and encouraged to pursue their dreams so that they can become self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community.

“After spending eleven years at the children’s home, I entered the Hope Program on the Back2Back campus. I was very glad to leave the children’s home and take advantage of the opportunity Back2Back was offering me to study.  I have now been a part of the Hope Program for six years,” says Gaby.

You can often see Gaby on the Back2Back campus with a camera around her neck, shooting photos for Back2Back or for a school project. When Back2Back received media attention in April due to the Orphan Summit we hosted in Monterrey, Gaby approached the photographers and other media outlets and asked them about internship opportunities. She has her eye on the future. When she graduates from Nuevo Leon State University in 2014, she hopes to pursue a photography career.

“My dream for the future is to finish my studies and get a job as a professional photographer and to travel the world taking pictures. I want to be a photographer because I know I will enjoy what I do,” says Gaby. “The thing I love to do most is snap candid photographs of people. I like the look of people in their natural environment, relaxed and being themselves. When you snap a candid photo you capture the essence and pure emotion of what is really happening in that moment.”

Gaby has a heart for her housemates, her siblings who are not in our program and an enthusiasm for her future. Gaby is planning on traveling on her second mission trip with the other Hope Program students, this time to Haiti.  She will be the first to tell you she believes God can use her background to minister to others who are experiencing the same hurts she did.

“The Hope Program helps underprivileged students to get an education, provides a chance for them to change the course of their lives, and gives them the opportunity to learn about the saving grace of God. The Hope Program is teaching me how to live in a family environment and is preparing me to live in the real world in order to one day have a family of my own,” says Gaby.

She is smart, articulate, passionate and growing in her faith. Today Gaby is different because she knows that tomorrow is full of hope. Thank you for your continued generosity toward Back2Back. Your partnership helps children like Gaby experience care for today and hope for tomorrow.