Inward Transformation


God has been moving in the lives of eight middle school boys who live at Casa Hogar Douglas, a children’s home we serve in Monterrey, Mexico. The boys recently joined a soccer league where they play together weekly. Each night, the boys prayed for a win, but they were growing increasingly upset as they continued to lose.  Our staff decided to use this as an opportunity to teach the boys that God might not care so much if they win or lose but more about their attitudes while they are playing. As our staff shared this important truth with them, the tone of the boys’ prayers began to shift, revealing an important inward transformation.

“Lord, help us play as a team. Help me have a good attitude about playing,” prayed one boy.

“God, give me the confidence to play my best,” prayed another.

Meanwhile, our staff was praying for the state of the boys’ hearts. They began to witness a new confidence in them, as they passed the ball, shouting words of encouragement to one another. The boys have won the past two games. God is working and not just through their victories, but through the strengthening of their attitude and character!

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