Meat Pies

by Jason Munafo, Back2Back Staff, Nigeria

A short term missions team recently visited Jos, Nigeria from Michigan.  They took twenty-nine kids from Destiny Children’s Home to the zoo and later we served everyone meat pies.  Meat is a rarity for the kids as it’s expensive in Nigeria.  They patiently waited in line while we handed out the pastries, and then they all dug into the treat.  One team member watched a little girl slip away from the crowd, tuck the meat pie under her arm, fold her hands, close her eyes and pray.  Only then did she start digging into the meat pie.  This little girl knows that all she receives to meet her needs comes from the Father above.  He uses team members who come to Nigeria, to make repairs on her home, paint classrooms where she goes to school, hang a mosquito net over her bed, and hand out meat pies.  He uses Back2Back and team members to help Him get the job done.  But all the gratitude goes to the One who supplies the needs of His children.