Removing the Obstacles, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

The driving in Jos, Nigeria is crazy! Part of that is due to that fact that there are very few traffic laws in place and even fewer that are actually enforced. But another factor is the obstacles that you encounter on the roads. Here are some pictures of a few of the obstacles that we have encountered since we have been here. Some are funny and some just get frustrating, but all slow us down (or make us stop completely) to some degree.

We were driving the other day in the midst of the heaviest traffic time. The “two-lane” road suddenly had four rows of cars that were moving slowly. All the sudden we hear sirens (very rare here). Long story short, police were trying to make a path in the middle of the traffic so that important people (probably politicians) could get through faster. This situation was very irritating at the time because of the chaos that it caused. Cars were going every-which-way and honking at everyone next to them.  It was crazy! I didn’t appreciate this situation until I was reading the Bible a few days later

“And it will be said; ‘Build up, build up, prepare the road. Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.’” Isaiah 57:14

God acts like the police in this story for his people (but with a lot more grace). He will remove the obstacles out of the way of his people. He will prepare the road. He will make the path straight for his people. This truth was so encouraging to me. With ministering in a new country, there are things that can quickly feel like obstacles that are blocking expectations that we had. However, our God will remove everything that seems like it has gotten in the way. He prepares the way for his children because He loves them. He desires to give them the desires of their heart.